Progressive Web Apps vs Native Shopping apps

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Shopping apps

June 13, 2018 Magento Magento2

Progressive web apps (PWA) en Native (Android en iOS) apps are mobile communication channels, that help you and your customer to interact and enable you to offer your products to your customers. Why? Customers are using mobile…but you probably noticed that yet…it is 2018…

These PWA and Native shopping apps exist next to your ‘regular’ mobile responsive view of your webshop. PWA, native apps and the mobile site have different characteristics, but they share the same basic idea: offer your customer a good look at your shop to investigate if you have cool and good stuff. Maybe the customer will even want to buy your products! So of course the customer can also order and checkout via PWA, Native App or mobile site. It is all the same.

But there are differences. A nice elaboration on this subject: please check this article for a PWA versus Native app comparison. A mobile webshop is just not good enough to optimize speed and functionality as compared to PWA and Native shopping apps. When you want to really get your mobile channel in place, you will have to go for the real thing. If you want to have a mobile version of your site, stick to the responsive site. It is OK, but not good.

TJ’s explanation on the subject of PWA should open your eyes for this newest exciting improvement on mobile shopping strategies and especially in conjunction with Magento ecommerce platform. But do not forget the somewhat more ripened Native Shopping apps. Emerce (sorry, in Dutch) has written a good overview on why there is place for both PWA and Native apps in your mobile strategy!

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