Higher conversion rates with mobile apps

Higher conversion rates with mobile apps

April 12, 2018 Magento Magento2

According to Forrester and Shop.org, average conversion rates on native mobile apps are 6 percent, on desktop 4.2 percent, while mobile web lags behind at only 2.3 percent.

What we can conclude from these numbers is that well-designed and well-built native mobile apps (think Amazon.com’s) offer superior digital shopping experiences to the venerable desktop. The difficulty, however, is that mobile apps are one, very expensive to build and maintain and two, consumers only download and use apps from brands with which they have regular interactions.

Native apps, therefore, are great for large organizations with seven-figure mobile development budgets, mature loyalty programs, or customers that engage and purchase multiple times a month.

Mobile has been top-of-mind for merchants for years, as shoppers  become increasingly tech-savvy and demand speed, convenience and entertainment on the go. With mobile shopping rates growing at breakneck speeds—Cyber Monday 2017 was the first $2 billion mobile shopping day in the U.S.— it’s as important as ever that the process is frictionless. Still, mobile conversion has yet to catch up with mobile browsing rates. Mobile apps have conditioned consumers to expect a frictionless user experience. Data-oriented features and functionality will continue to improve this on mobile.

Engaging technologies will continue to help merchants personalize the mobile shopping experience by acutely tailoring product viewing and making the mobile experience optimal for a quick purchase.